Fenton High School to Brighton 64 Mile Loop

First of all, Fenton High School is a fantastic place to meet for a ride for parking alone.  That said, the first few miles of roads on this one are pretty rough.  Remember, this is Michigan, and the nicer neighborhoods aren’t immune.  Now, any time you get into the true southeast of Michigan, you’re going to have to worry about traffic.  We typically like this route for early in the day, either Saturday or Sunday.

You’ll find yourself on as many back, country paved roads as we could find as you wind your way down to Brighton where you can stop at the Great Harvest Bread Company for a treat and a soda or cup of coffee (our favorite place to stop) or Jack’s Custard and Cakes.  If you’re looking for an actual lunch, try the El Arbol Taqueria (I know the owner) or Ginopolis Bar-BQ & Smokehouse or Brighton Bar & Grill.  Let’s just say there’s a lot to choose from.  You’ll also want to fill up your water bottles, and if you need, there’s a public restroom behind Great Harvest at the playground.

FHS to Brghtn

From there, it’ll get a little dicey getting through Brighton, so mind yourself and be careful.  Brighton is usually VERY busy, but we picked the safest way we could find to get through the City (I used to live there as a kid – I know Brighton like the back of my hand).

This is one of my favorite Southeastern Michigan bike rides.

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