Cycling Michigan Disclaimer: Must Read and How to Use This Site

First, for how to use this site…  If I were to simply post a bunch of rides and routes, you’d be just as lost as if you were out on a ride with no GPS, no phone, and no map!  If you go back to the home page, along the top, under the header image, you’ll see the site’s pages… those pages correspond with where you are in Michigan.  Click on a page and you’ll see routes you can click on, hopefully near where you’re staying… check out the route map and go to Ride With GPS to download the route to your GPS device or print out a cue sheet.

Because people are people and lawyers are lawyers, there are a few things I have to clear up before you check out the routes offered on the site, though.

This is a free site.  This is a service I’m performing for my fellow cyclists because I wish I had something like this when I started cycling.  The user assumes all risks associated with riding a bicycle, with using a GPS device or cue sheet to follow a route, and using the routes.  If you can’t or don’t want to assume said risk, don’t use the routes.   Also:

  • All of the routes contained on this site occur on or come in contact with roads that have traffic and other vehicles on them.  You must follow the the law as it pertains to riding a bike in Michigan.  The rules of the road pertain to you.
  • In downloading and loading the routes into your GPS device, and by following them, you assume all inherent risks, including that of riding your own bicycle.  If this isn’t acceptable, I recommend a bubble wrap suit and a nice movie on your couch.   Sell your bike.  Become a monk.  A non-bike-riding monk.
  • I don’t check the routes, other than to ride them from time to time (usually a year or more in between).  You may be required to avoid construction or some other anomaly that I can’t possibly foresee.  Use your GPS device and figure out a way around the problem.  Please, by all means, leave a comment on the post containing the route links that details the problem and how you got around it and I’ll do my best to update the route (much appreciated in advance).
  • Folks, these are Michigan roads.  They have potholes.  Don’t hit them on a bicycle, lest you fall into one at the bottom of which you can actually see Australia.  Even a little one can cause havoc.
  • The only thing I offer on this site is a route that I’ve ridden before and enjoyed enough to share with fellow cycling enthusiasts.  Nothing more – the rest is up to you.



22 thoughts on “Cycling Michigan Disclaimer: Must Read and How to Use This Site

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